Entebbe is a stunning, flourishing town, based in Uganda, on the shores of Lake Victoria. Entebbe provides each tourist with a serene, unique atmosphere, granted by its colonial gardens, and an array of parks, with the stunning background of the beautiful lake. All these features construct a surreal setting. Nonetheless, Entebbe is a particular, distinctive town, which enables each enthusiast tourist to discover beautiful parks, islands, and unique places. Entebbe can be characterized by peaceful serenity, in spite of the fact that it’s an international hub, due to the presence of the international airport.



  • +Relishing a unique sunset cruise on Lake Victoria.
  • +Visiting Entebbe’s botanical gardens.
  • +Enjoying a visit to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Ngamba Island.
  • +Uganda Reptile Village – a unique experience.
  • +Uganda Wildlife Education Centre – a wide variety of indigenous wildlife species.
  • +A mosaic of beautiful, serene beaches.
  • +A birdwatcher’s paradise.
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About Entebbe

Rising from the shadows of its intricate history, a new beginning for flourishing tourism has been established in beautiful Uganda. The country is a genuine African pearl, and the city of Entebbe makes no exception to the rule. Each eager explorer can find something to appreciate in this delightful, slow-paced city, the home to Uganda’s main airport.

Entebbe can be described as a rather peaceful, almost sleepy town, having a charm of its own. It’s situated at the top of the peninsula, south from Kampala. Boutique, charming guesthouses provide a range of accommodation variety. Given its small size and slow paced development, Entebbe has maintained its distinctive features. While you might be tempted to opt for Kampala – Uganda’s capital city – think again before making your decision. You don’t know what you might be missing.

Entebbe offers each tourist the unique opportunity of grasping the real life of the locals. It is entirely distinct from what one might expect, which makes the city one-of-a-kind and charming. It’s a relaxing introduction into Uganda’s life, which otherwise is characterized by increased activity and the hustle and bustle of tourists. Here is a list of the most memorable activities one can engage in while in Entebbe.

  • Sunset cruises on Lake Victoria
    Lake Victoria is acknowledged as being one of the largest lakes in the world. On that account, why shouldn’t you relish its unique beauty, and opt for a late afternoon boat cruise? You may endlessly stare at the infinite horizon; watch the sun sink into the deep, wavy water. The fishermen casting their nets into the waves are also part of the picturesque, scenic view.
  • A visit to Entebbe Botanical Gardens – an unforgettable experience
    Once you arrive in Entebbe, planning a visit to Entebbe Botanical Gardens is a must. The rich mosaic of wildlife species strikes even the most imaginative minds, making one wonder at the marvels of nature. It is 100 years old, and time seems to have had a beneficial impact on the gardens. They provide each tourist with a perfect introduction to the African experience, making one truly comprehend why Africa is being referred to as a pearl.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens are the ideal place where you can appreciate numerous species of birds, in a setting of peace and tranquility that is unparalleled. As the area is rather remote, you can enjoy the feeling of solitude, and allow yourself to get immersed in nature, in its rawest form.
The gardens were established in the 20th century. They consist of multiple species of plants, birds, flowers, trees, not only those that originate from Uganda but from other countries as well, which makes the visit a marvelous educational outing. Here, you’ll discover a range of beautiful species. For starters, right at the entrance, the tall trees usually host a pair of Verreaux’s eagle owls. Among the many bird species present in the gardens, you can notice the Orange Weaver, and the red chested Sunbirds.

The bushes that surround Lake Victoria shelter Vieillot’s black weavers, yellow backed Jackson’s Golden, and other rare species. The area encircling the lake is a perfect observation point. You’ll get a chance to spot other bird species, such as the Swamp Flycatcher, the African Open-billed Stork, the Long-tailed Cormorant, yellow-billed duck, the red-chested sunbird.

While wandering along the paths, you’ll stumble across a so-called medicinal garden – thick underbrush stands of Bamboo and towering trees. All in all, a day in Entebbe’s botanical gardens accounts for an unforgettable insight into Africa’s marvels.

  • Entebbe beaches – a hidden treasure
    Given the presence of Lake Victoria, this country enjoys its share of stunning beaches, 80 percent of them are present in the proximity of Entebbe. Imagine the clear sight of silky, irresistible white-sand beaches, accompanied by celestial sunrises and unique bird species – these are only a few of the highlights that come with visiting the beautiful beaches surrounding Entebbe.

For instance, Lido Beach is situated at about one-kilometer distance from the international airport. This beach is one of the oldest in the country. It is a definite favorite among locals, and it is a popular partying spot. Other loved beaches include the Imperial Botanical Beach and the Imperial Resort Beach, being perfect for sunbathing and water sports. Exotic birds, plants and trees are commonly met here, increasing the beauty of the places.

  • Uganda Wildlife Education Centre – an educational insight
    Many people refer to Uganda’s Wildlife Education Centre as a zoo, being the ideal spot for relaxing and wandering. It’s situated near Lake Victoria, which means that you can plan a mid-afternoon mini-safari here, relish the variety of vegetation, trees, and plants which typically originate from Uganda. You may schedule a face-to-face encounter with the chimpanzees, for a more gratifying experience.
  • Ngamba – Chimpanzee Island – an interactive experience with the chimps
    Ngamba, the chimpanzee island, which is also referred to as the chimpanzee orphanage, has increased in popularity lately, especially among safari enthusiasts. One can relish the island in all its forms and glory, having an interactive experience with the chimps, and watching them socialize.
  • Mabamba Swamp – the ideal spot for observing Shoebill Storks
    If you are a keen birdwatcher, Entebbe has a lot to offer in this regard as well. You can plan a visit to the one and only Mabamba papyrus swamp area, which is the home to a range of rare, beautiful birds. Besides the unique possibility of watching elusive birds, there are other species you could admire as well, wildlife species, together with the unique sight of the tranquil waters of the area.

As a matter of fact, many people who visit Uganda want to see the one and only Shoebill stork. Luckily, Mabamba Swamp is located at a relatively short distance from Entebbe, which makes it next to compulsory to come here. The swamp provides the ideal habitat for preserving the populations of Shoebill Storks. However, the swamp is a genuine treasure, housing more than storks, but many other beautiful species as well.

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Getting There

Entebbe International Airport is acknowledged as Uganda’s main international airport. That makes it easy for tourists to reach the city. Once you arrive at the airport, primarily, you have the following alternatives: renting a vehicle, taxi, shuttle and private hire. Before considering driving in Uganda, you should take notice that the driving conditions in the city are rather unfavorable.

When to Go & Weather

  •   Best
  •   Good
  •   Fair
  •   Poor

December – March; June – September – December and March are officially acknowledged as the warmest months in Uganda – the temperatures may quickly reach 29 Celsius degrees. On the other hand, though, from July to September, the temperatures are overall low, and the weather is chilly. Since the amount of rainfall is held at a minimum, in comparison with the rainy season, these months are more recommended for visiting Uganda and Entebbe.

April – May, October – November – during these months, the amount of rainfall typically increases, making outdoor activities rather unpleasant. While it’s true that the growth in rainfall has a positive impact on the beauty of the rainforest landscape, travel plans may be uncertain because the weather at this time is more unpredictable than in other months.

Tourists can choose to visit the charming town of Entebbe anytime throughout the year. Nonetheless, the time of year which is recognized as most recommended is relatively the dry season. Of course, depending on your interest, you can visit Entebbe any month of the year.

Weather climate

Being located near the equator, the climate in Uganda is typical rainforest environment. Hence, there’s rainfall during the entire year. However, there’s still a clear distinction between a rainy and dry season. January and February are recognized as the driest and hottest months in Uganda. Even when the temperatures are high, in the evenings, they tend to drop. On an average, the temperatures during the day are somewhere around 26 Celsius degrees, and the temperatures at night are around 16 Celsius degrees. You can find more accurate information on the weather here: https://weather.com/weather/today/l/0.31,32.58.

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In the local Uganda language, “Entebbe” has the meaning of “seat”. Probably, its name was determined by the fact that it was the initial place where a Baganda chief formally mediated legal cases. In 1893, the town was turned into a British colonial commercial and administrative center. At that time, Sir Gerald Portal, an important colonial Commissioner, would use it as a base. At the moment, there are no ships that dock here, but you can spot a jetty, which would be used by Lake Victoria ferries.

Probably one of the main things that foreigners associate Entebbe with is Entebbe International Airport. It is the largest airport-based in Uganda, and it was initially opened in 1929. Another rather unfortunate incident is often associated with Entebbe, that of a hostage and rescue operation. Israelite soldiers that were part of an elite unit in Israeli army released more than 100 prisoners resulted after a hijacking by a group of German and Palestinian militia.

In 1952, from this exact spot, Queen Elizabeth departed from Africa, after finding out about her father’s death and her becoming queen. Concurrently, the city was the host of the final resolution talks about ending the M23 rebellion.

Wildlife & Flora


Interesting Facts

  • Entebbe is the home of the historical site situated in Kigungu. There, the very first missionaries, known as Brother Amans and Father Mon Maple Lourdel, began their pursuit of establishing the Catholic faith in Uganda.
  • Entebbe is also the proud home of the oldest golf course in Eastern Africa, which is known as the Entebbe Golf Club. It was established in 1900. The club is encircled by the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre.
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