Giving Back

Triperiod Supports Local Communities

triperiod is committed to preserving the cultures, landscapes and wildlife that it promotes. That’s why a percentage of triperiod profits are donated to support education of local children. triperiod has partnered with Tanzania School Foundation (TSF) as a means of furthering that aim.


Tanzania School Foundation is a small nonprofit organization located in the USA and Arusha Tanzania.

Run entirely on volunteers in the United States, we employ 7 individuals full time in Tanzania.

We founded the School of St. Nicholas to provide a free quality education to some of the poorest children in surrounding villages in 2012.

At the time of writing we have 32 students ages 4-8.

Tanzania School Foundation is in the process of building a school campus in the village of Mlagarini.

One classroom at a time we are ending poverty.

Registration: 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization (USA) 26-2523039


About TSF:

In 2011 we founded the School of St. Nicholas in the village of Moivaro Tanzania. We began with twelve five year old children immersing them in an all English Classroom.

Today, we provide 100% free, quality education, uniforms, shoes, back packs, books, pencils, games and creative learning tools to over 30 children. We provide them breakfast daily and quarterly worm medication to keep those parasites away. We hire trained and educated teachers and staff.

We began the School of St. Nicholas to educate disadvantaged children who could not afford school fees. We accept bright children born into chronic poverty. Most of our children live with their single mothers or grandmother in a one room rented hut with no internal plumbing, electricity or toilets. It is through education that we will end the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families in the years to come.

Without an official school building, our students began their education in the living room of a rented house. Our students arrive at school early every day. They come with eager anticipation to receive an education. The School of St. Nicholas is an academically challenging environment, we are happy to see our students thriving. It is a blessing for us to see the daily, weekly and monthly growth of our students. One child at a time, WE are making a difference in their lives. With your help we can do so much more.

In March 2013 we began building an official school! With over 100 children on our waiting list we are growing leaps and bounds. Construction on our administrative office and first two classrooms has begun! We hope it to be completed by the end of 2015 with your help. It is our goal to build new classrooms every year for the next twelve years to insure our students complete secondary school. It is an ambitious goal, with your help we will achieve it.

We are a group of professionals who volunteer our time, talent and treasures to ensure our mission continues with the heartfelt compassion it began with. Founded in 2008 by Christine Lott, who had a dream. She wanted to change the world. Today, she lives that dream; changing lives one child at a time.

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