Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Safari Travelers- Choicest Options

holiday gift idea for safari

December 6, 2016 • News & Events, Tips & Lists • Views: 2849

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start putting together those Christmas shopping lists again! Sometimes it is difficult to find gifts for those loved ones who seem to have everything, or it’s often nice to just try to think outside of the box when it comes to special or thoughtful presents.

When you are selecting gifts for someone who loves to travel, especially when it involves hiking and camping, then the possibilities are endless! There are so many “must-have” items on the list for any seasoned explorer, always searching for the next big adventure.

But what are the best items to choose from, and where can they be purchased? Let’s take a look at the top five gifts that any seasoned vagabond would be thrilled to find underneath the Christmas tree!


  1. Leather Travel Journal

When you are set on traveling the world, documenting your adventures is an absolute MUST! However, just any spiral notebook won’t do, especially when you are filling it with such inspiring memories. This leather traveler’s journal offers everything that a write could hope for, and all in this budget-friendly bundle.

The journal is made of soft leather, and it includes a loop for a stylish pen, which is also included. It comes with three packages of paper, and you may order more, should the need arise. There are also card holders and compartments for receipts and travel brochures, making it easy to keep everything travel-related all in one place!


  1. Hiking Backpack

When it comes to hiking and going on a safari, there are very few items that can be as absolutely necessary as a sturdy, weatherproof backpack. The Susufaa 50L Hiking Backpack offers a top-of-the-line product for an affordable price, offering a 90-day warranty. It has a large front pocket, as well as a number of zippered compartments and elastic bands. For ultimate comfort, this backpack also has chest and waist belts, plus a rain cover that is stored in the bottom. This item is waterproof, and it is an excellent choice for camping, fishing, cycling, backpacking and extended use during a safari.


  1. Sleeping Bag

Whether you are camping in the woods or going on an overnight safari, this Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag is perfect for all four seasons and nearly any weather condition. Easy to carry with adjustable straps and a compression sack, this bag will keep a person warm even when the temperatures dip down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, plus the polyester will also provide a cooling fabric for warm nights. This sleeping bag is also lightweight, ensuring that your backpack won’t be weighed down any more than necessary. This is such a popular sleeping bag that the manufacturers are so sure that the buyer will be satisfied that they offer a 100% guarantee.


  1. Survival Kit

For someone who loves to spend time outdoors, whether it be camping, hiking or taking safaris or walkabouts, this 26-Piece Paracord Survival Kit can really come in handy, and it could even save a life. This fantastic kit includes paracord, fishing and fire starter kits, a thermal blanket, first aid items, an emergency whistle and much more. This kit is compact, and will hook easily onto a belt or a backpack, making it easy to get to when needed. This gift can fit into almost any Christmas budget.


  1. Hiking Shoes – Men’s and Women’s


Hiking shoes are extremely essential for the avid hiker or trekker, and they even come in handy when walking over uneven terrain when on a tour. Merrell is a leader in hiking shoes, and this product is no different. This Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe are made with waterproof leather with a vibram sole, and they feature a heel counter and a rubber toe bumper.

Merrell’s Women’s Siren Sport 2 Hiking Shoe combines functionality and style with this rugged shoe. This item is leather and mesh with a vibram sole, with a bellows tongue to keep out dirt and debris, along with odor treatment. The Omni-Fit lacing system is easy to slide off and on quickly, providing the maximum in comfort.



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