Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Tanzania – Part Two

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September 3, 2020 • Destinations, Tips & Lists • Views: 3666

Did you get enough of Tanzania? We didn’t think so! We can always learn about 10 more tourist attractions in Tanzania, right?

In our previous blog, we revealed five tourist attractions in Tanzania. Here, we continue to embark on this adventure, further shedding light on the next five tourist attractions you should visit on your trip to Tanzania.

# 5 – Lake Manyara

Decide what you’d like to see before you visit this place! If you want to see 300 different species of migratory birds and flamingos, go to Lake Manyara in the wet season. Or if you’re a fan of wildlife, elephants, giraffe, hippos and wildebeest, visit the place in the dry season. Regardless of which time period you visit, this place is certain to leave you awestruck!

# 4 – Zanzibar  

Unguja Island, a part of Zanzibar, completes the Spice Island. It was once a part of the British Empire; however, today, Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. For centuries, the African island is known as an important trading center. The major Zanzibar attraction is the Stone Town, with its whitewashed coral rag houses. Stunning white sandy beaches are another major attraction of Zanzibar – this breathtaking island.

# 3 – Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro was formed from a volcano that erupted two to three million years ago. The volcano collapsed. As a result, a crater formed. The crater’s steep sides have become a natural enclosure for a number of wild animals. Ngorongoro Conservation Area is also one of the areas where you can witness the critically endangered species, Black Rhinos!

# 2 – Mount Kilimanjaro

A part of north-eastern Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro is an inactive volcano. Located near the Kenyan border at about 5892 above sea level, Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa. It is also the world’s highest free-standing mountain. Mount Kilimanjaro is popularly known for its snow-capped peaks. The mountain is a major attraction in the country and has sought much attention from mountaineers and trekkers.

# 1 – Serengeti National Park

This is by far one of the best places to travel and explore in Tanzania! Famous for its annual migration of zebras and wildebeests, Serengeti National Park is definitely one of the most popular tourist attractions. The migration is a breathtaking view, which is why a number of tourists visit the country in May when the migration begins. The grass dries, and the zebras and wildebeests offer a spectacular wildlife show as they migrate in huge masses.

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