Tanzania Safari Tips for Single Parents Traveling With Kids

Tanzania Safari with kids watching Zebra

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When you’re a single parent who is traveling with kids, your options definitely do not have to be limited. You might have taken your kids to the local zoo to view the wildlife in action — but that’s nothing compared to the thrill of seeing lions, zebras, giraffes and other wild animals in their native habitat.

If you thought that African safaris were only for adults, you and the kids have seriously been missing out! Tanzania safari tours are meant to be enjoyed by the whole family – from the curious toddler all the way up to the bored-looking teen. (But even that teen who rarely looks at anything but the screen on their devices won’t be able to ignore the wonders of a Tanzania vacation.)

As a family – and especially if you’re a single parent traveling with your kids – the safest and easiest way to go on safari is to book a tour. Going that route, you won’t have to worry about good food, as other tourists before you will have likely requested meals similar to what you desire. Accommodations will be safe and comfortable, and the days will be planned to help you get the maximum value from your time in the African savannah.

A few tips to keep in mind when taking a Tanzania safari with kids include:

  • Bring along a few non-perishable snacks for picky eaters and for times in between meals.
  • Make special requests for simple foods like pasta well in advance.
  • Check with your kids’ doctor to ensure all shots are up to date.
  • Bring a disposable camera (or two) for each child for those windy, sandy days when other cameras might not be suitable.
  • Pack an African field guide (or app) to make it a true learning experience.
  • Consider teaming up with other families to share the load of parenting while on the road.

Your Tanzania safari tour is going to be the adventure of a lifetime, so get out there and make every moment count!



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