In Focus: Standup Comedienne, Chelsea Handler Joins The Netflix Family With New Show ‘Uganda Be Kidding Me: Live’

March 28, 2016 • Experiences, Tips & Lists • Views: 3120

Just one minute into the new show to hit Netflix, stand-up comedienne, Chelsea Handler pans the audience and asks, “Are there any black people here? And then “Smile, so I can see you.”

Mildly offended? Well, compared to the rest of her 70 minute taping of the show Uganda Be Kidding Me: Live, that for far from offensive.

Unleashed to the world by the constraints of late night cable, Handler’s fearless which shows by her flippant humor as it touches ever more levels of debauchery. Viewers can see the comedienne on Netflix and those who have read the book, Uganda Be Kidding Me certainly won’t be disappointed.

Her Sharp Wit Doesn’t Go On Odds with the Crowd

In fact, her easy going charisma was just what the comedienne doctor recommended to soften the sharp whip of a tongue Chelsea Handler is known to possess. What can viewers expect from the show? Stories about her time in Uganda, the author/talk show host spills (from the book that started it all) and which are both ridiculous and relatable.

From jabs at rappers to thoughtful analysis on lesbians and even AIDS, Handler isn’t one to shy away from sensitive topics. She is one of those comediennes that can get away with anything it seems, as long as the audience is laughing – the show’s good to go!

This can be seen with Uganda You Be Kidding Me as well as Handler has her own way and gets away with the shameless vulgarity on the show. Maybe that’s because she skewers herself more than anyone or maybe her easygoing charisma is the reason behind its success so far.

‘Women Can Be Just As Good Comediennes Than Men’ – The Notion That Is Single Handedly Reinforced By Handler

For a long time, there has been this lingering notion that men are still better than women when it comes to making jokes about sex and the human body. Handler’s having none of that!

With hardly any effort, the stand-up comedienne nails such an epic takedown of men in the act that viewers of both the genders may have said, ‘ouch’!

If we’re lucky, the first taping of Uganda You Be Kidding Me: Live is just a preview of the debauched hilarity that is to come from the show coming on Netflix this year. Stay tuned for more news and awesomeness from us. Love Africa!



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