Best Safari Camera Accessories for your African Trip

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October 11, 2020 • Product, Tips & Lists • Views: 7995

Photography can be quite a challenge for those who choose to go on a safari in Africa. Their main concern is what to pack to make sure their experience is complete. To be fair, everybody would like to pack all of their gear inside a bag but it is not possible. The weight restrictions on airplanes make you think twice about what to bring on your safari. That is why you have to settle for the minimum equipment. It is not just about quantity, it is more about quality. But you need to look no further because we have a list of the best safari camera accessories for an African safari.

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1. Best Tripods & Monopods for Safari Cameras

These accessories are a must-have when going on an African safari trip. With a monopod or tripod, your camera has the support it needs while you are still able to move everywhere you want, swivel the camera and adjust the height. Even if you are in a vehicle, you can still move and lock the device into any position. Also, tripods and monopods are useful even when you are walking or just stand still. Another option that still stands is a beanbag. This can be placed almost anywhere, in motion or not, to offer support for long lenses.

1.1 Safari Tripod R1100

This tripod system is a fluid action head with carbon fiber tripod. This model has been designed to be a compact lightweight accessory for your camera. It weighs only 3.6 kg, and it includes a weatherproof case, an extendable panhandle, fluid action head and a carbon fiber 3-stage tripod. This tripod offers quick camera mounting so you can easily change the balance point. The pan handle is adjustable so it can stand in a comfortable position. For high-quality images, the tilt drag and the fluid pan offer smooth movement. Safari Tripod R1100 is perfect for action, proving itself a great companion in an African safari.

1.2. Koolehaoda Monopod

This is one of the best camera accessories for an African safari because, without the feet attached, the monopod weighs only 13 ounces. It feels light as a feather when you pull it out of the package. Even though it is a bit pricey, it is worth every penny! You can use it in your safari in Africa with no problem. Before you start the photoshoot, just make sure you screw on the feet and use a good base. Your images or videos will be exceptional! With Koolehaoda Monopod, you can shoot both while stable and while moving. For an accessory coming at this price, the quality is quite remarkable. The folding feet screw on securely with a 3/8 inch bolt, they are solid and click into position in a smart way.

2. Best Camera Memory Cards for Safari Trip

One can never have too many memory cards while in a shooting of any kind. Digital cameras store everything they capture on a solid-state memory card. These are available in multiple types, the best known being the Secure Digital (SD) cards. Some cameras own the ability to store two different cards at the same time. Worldwide, there are many manufacturers that make memory cards. Each of these companies sell cards of different kinds, speeds and capacities. When choosing the cards, you must make sure that your choice is compatible with your camera, so don’t forget about this aspect. Usually, when going on a safari, you must choose the fastest and the largest memory cards.

2.1. SanDisk Ultra 128 GB

Manufactured by one of the best companies in this industry, this memory card can hold up to 10 high definition videos. It can be used with any camera that accepts an SD card. It also comes with an SD card adaptor. It is quite performant, users reporting a speed of 48 MB/s. The Ultra memory card is X-ray proof, shockproof, waterproof and tolerant in case of extreme temperature. These properties sound just great for a safari in Africa! The stored media that is so valuable to you will be safe, so there is nothing to complain about in this case. SanDisk company also offers a 10-year warranty, which makes it a solid deal.

2.2. Samsung 128 GB EVO Class

One of the best-reviewed memory cards from Samsung is the 128 GB EVO Class. The creators say it’s an upgraded version of the Plus line. With 80 MB/s speed, it “murders” its predecessor. This makes it the perfect memory card for your safari in Africa. This tiny device has the ability to resist up to 24 hours in seawater. The cards from Samsung are X-ray-, magnetic-, temperature- and waterproof. The EVO class cards are meant to survive in temperatures from -25 to 85 Celsius degrees.  They can resist up to 13 times the magnetic force of speakers and are protected by airport X-ray machines. All cards get a 10-year warranty.

3. Best Batteries & Chargers for African Safari Trip

Spare batteries are crucial in any moments of your life, and they make the best camera accessories for an African safari. We recommend taking as many as you can on your trip. Take every opportunity you get to charge them. Nothing is worse than losing an unforgettable moment because your camera ran out of power. Most safari camps benefit of electricity, but most of them work thanks to a generator and only for a few hours. Extra batteries and chargers will always prove themselves useful. Most of East Africa uses 220 or 240V AC power, so before you leave, check your chargers, to see if they are compatible. The best chargers will own a label 100-240V.

3.1. DigiPower TC-U450

This battery charger can be used with most Li-ion batteries. The DigiPower TC-U450 battery charger is also compatible with rechargeable Li-ion AAA/AA batteries. It is lightweight, and its flip-up design makes it simple to carry, fitting easily in your camera bag. Also, it includes a DC adapter to make sure you can get power to charge it everywhere. The design includes a 5-watt USB port, which you can also use with various other mobile devices. Before you leave on your safari trip, just check out the compatibility and enjoy the convenience of owning such a device!

3.2. Nikon EN-EL 15 Rechargeable Battery

These batteries are resistant in almost any conditions, including low or high temperatures. They can provide consistent power and extended life. The EN-EL15 is a rechargeable Li-ion battery that powers the Nikon D7000, V1, D600, D800, D800E, D7100, D610, D810, D810A, D750, D7200 cameras. Used for your Nikon DSLR, the camera displays the number of shots and the power remaining after the last charging session. Usually, you get the battery when you purchase the camera, but you can find it available by itself. This battery uses the MH-25 charger, but any universal battery charger will do. Extra batteries are a must have when it comes to a safari in Africa.

4. Best Lens Cleaner for Safari Cameras

 On a safari, it’s crucial to keep everything dust-free and clean. Compressed air canisters are the ideal solution but, in most cases, airlines do not allow them on board. Instead, you can use a manual blower and a pen. Both of these are perfect for polishing and brushing the lenses. We also suggest you pack a microfiber cloth and a bottle of lens cleaning fluid. Keeping your equipment clean doesn’t only benefit your tools but also improves your performance on the field. If you can’t see right, how can you make the best out of a photoshoot?

4.1. Nikon LensPen Lens Cleaner

 This pen-sized cleaner is affordable and efficient. On one end, it has a little brush for knocking away particles that may have settled on the lens. It is so easy to use, mainly because it doesn’t contain any kind of liquids. What makes it so special and efficient, then? The fact that it gets into the edges of the lenses like no other. Also, it is small and easy to keep around. They are great for lenses with deep-edge recess like fisheyes, angled edges and camera viewfinders. Being so small, they will not occupy too much space in your luggage for Africa.


4.2. Giotto’s Rocket Air Blaster

 One of the most loved cleaning tools is a simple puffer. It is the first option for blowing off the particles from the lenses or wherever you decide to use it. Even though it looks big, it is actually very gentle with the lens. There is no way you can smudge the lens when using this tool. Other people try using spray cans that contain compressed air, but they are more prone to leave residue. The Blaster is a crucial and inexpensive product for every photographer’s kit. If you are going on a safari, you need this non-contact tool.

5. Best Camera Bag & Cases for African Safari


When it comes to the best camera accessories for an African safari, we can’t overlook this category. There are a lot of options you can use to carry around your camera equipment, but you need to pay attention to a few criteria. First of all, the material of the bag should be resistant. Materials like sail cloth and double stitching pave the road to success. Also, the zips, buckles, snaps and straps should be sturdy to make sure you won’t lose anything. Finally, bags should allow the weight to be evenly distributed across your shoulders and back. This makes it more comfortable to carry. But not all bags are the same. Let’s see a few suggestion for your trip to Africa.

5.1. Amazon Basics Backpack

Amazon Basics released a new, improved DSLR backpack. The stitching and the zip-pulls are strong. The assembly is of great quality. Also, the weight of the empty backpack is only 800 grams. Even though it is a medium-size DSLR backpack, it allows for a large amount of tools to be carried. The product’s downsides are the fragile material and the fact that it might be difficult to get to your gear in a safari. This situation may occur in a crucial or just unwanted moment like having a lion near your safari car, and you must move fast to reach your tools.

5.2. Evecase Professional DSLR Case

 This amazing case is one of the photographers’ favorite. This model is very popular for many camera owners. The bag is safe and also waterproof. Its interior features protective foam for the walls and the bottom. Besides the many compartments and pockets it has, the case also comes with a shoulder strap. While you are able to keep your camera and its accessories safe, the bag is also equipped to store tablets. The only downside is that it can be pretty heavy and bulky if you don’t arrange the elements of the kit in the right place. If you are careful with this aspect, then you have your new case for your safari.

6. Best Safari Camera Accessory Bundles

You might have heard about “bundles of joy.” Everything that comes in a pack feels better, works better and keeps your wallet safe. Camera accessory bundles are very useful, especially when you are planning a safari in Africa and want to take thousands of photographs. Most of the retailers usually come with a bundle offer you can’t refuse. Don’t get caught unprepared. Always be ready with the right camera add-ons. Whether you need another memory card, a LensPen, a waterproof case or you are shooting in low-light, a safari accessory bundle is the solution for you! Let’s see some of the best options available for you.

6.1. Opteka 420-1600mm f/8.3 HD Telephoto Zoom Lens Bundle 

If you’re looking for the best safari camera accessories for an African safari, you cannot miss this bundle containing everything from a  Telephoto Zoom Lens which is digitally optimized to cleaning wipes. This is the perfect package for thse who seek super-telephoto zoom lenses, image quality in every situation and a long range performance. It is a great choice for DSLR owners that want to keep it simple and at a minimum cost. The Opteka 420-800mm zoom lens is acceptable for both the amateurs and the pros. So, it is perfect for nature or wildlife photographers. If you want to remain hidden so that the animals won’t see you, this lens offers you the versatility you need.

6.2. Nikon TC-14E III 1.4x AF-S Teleconverter Bundle 

This bundle contains three essential accessories. The first one is a Nikon TC-14E III 1.4x AF-S Teleconverter that increases the focal length of the compatible lenses. This makes it a portable and affordable way of extending the telephoto reach. The second accessory is the Nikon Deluxe Digital SLR Camera Case. This case is ideal for storing your camera and accessories, thanks to its durable and waterproof material. Last but not least, there is the 6-piece cleaning kit. So, this bundle is perfect for wildlife shooting and so much more.

Taking photos on a safari can sometimes be frustrating, disappointing and challenging. On the other side, it can be exciting, rewarding and full of adrenaline. Making sure you are prepared for any occasion makes the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful safari photo shoot. Remember always to opt for the best safari camera accessories for an African safari and it doesn’t hurt to bring some spare items either. Also, make sure you charge your batteries whenever you get the chance. And stay far away from the wild animals. This is why zoom and long lenses were invented in the first place! Hopefully, this article brought you the information that you needed and satisfied your curiosity.

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