African Safari Clothing – What to Wear on Safari

what to wear on an african safari

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African Safari Clothing – What to Wear

Don’t know what to wear on a safari trip? Read on to discover the best outfits for you on an African Safari!

One of the most commonly met questions when it comes to planning safari outings is – what to wear on a safari trip? An African safari is an adventure most people genuinely relish, but not packing the essential clothing items may prevent one from making the most out of this experience.

The biggest temptation is to pack more things than you actually need. Hence, it matters a lot to include a set of clothing items that are genuinely essential, in this way avoiding to overpack. One thing to bear in mind is that African safari clothing is, by definition, comfortable. Thus, which are the most helpful tips concerning safari packing? We’ll expand more on the subject in the following paragraphs.

1. What to look for while selecting safari clothes?

1.1. Choosing the right colors

The color palette to your clothing items is essential. African safari clothing should always be in neutral colors so that you won’t be spotted from kilometers. To put it roughly, you shouldn’t bother packing your favorite red t-shirt or something like that. What’s the objective of camouflaging? Firstly, that enables you to engage in wildlife activities, without disrupting the animals in any way. The recommended colors include olive, khaki, sand, green, brown, and tan. On top of that, bright-colored clothes attract tsetse flies, and that’s something you might want to avoid.

1.2. Comfortable clothes

You will not be able to enjoy an African safari the right way if you wear clothes that aren’t comfortable and correctly selected. For an ideal experience, the fabric of your clothes should permit your body to breathe. For instance, opting for moisture whisking clothes is recommended, in this way your sweat will evaporate. Apart from that, the fabric of your clothes should enable you to move around – a safari outing is challenging on so many levels, and with the wrong clothes, you might fail to relish this unique experiencAe. Practicality is another golden rule you should consider when it comes to safari packing.

1.3. Factor in the weather forecast

Depending on the month of the year, and the country you are traveling to, the weather can be quite unpredictable. In fact, the temperatures range from below zero Fahrenheit degrees to over one hundred. Plus, between the day and the night, the discrepancies in temperatures are considerable. Before starting to pack, do attentive research on the weather conditions that are expected at the time of your trip. As a helpful piece of advice, you should always have a fitting jacket for rainy weather, even if the weather is not expected to be unusually wet. Bottom-line? There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothes. As long as you pack your African safari clothing wisely, you’re on the right path.

1.4. Layers, layers, and layers

Layers are also crucial on a safari outing. Because the temperatures can vary a lot, layers enable you to keep warm when the weather is chilly, and when it’s hot in the afternoon, you may quickly remove unnecessary clothing, in this way relishing optimal comfort. One thing about Africa is that the temperatures are always fluctuating, so layers are your best friend on a safari. They permit you to pack light, yet be prepared for any case scenario. In the morning and late evenings, game drives can be cold, but as soon as the sun breaks, the weather is hot. Make sure your safari packing enables you this luxury of layering.

2. Women – Safari wear

2.1. Exofficio Women’s Bugs Away Ziwa Regular Convertible Pant

This pair of pants is ideally crafted for the African safari environment. They typically function as an insect shield, preventing you from being annoyed by the abundance of flies, mosquitoes, etc. They come in many neutral colors as well, which makes them further ideal for safari trips. They are comfortable, and they have a great feature – you may turn them into short pants. The shorts version is above the knee, which is still protecting you from bugs and insects. And on top of all, they are heavenly comfortable. Which is all that you can look for in African safari clothing.

2.2. ExOfficio Women’s Bugsaway Lumen Hoodie

This hoodie is the perfect piece of clothing for hot days, keeping you both cool and protected from bugs. It features an insect shield, which makes it the perfect addition to your African safari luggage. Permethrin is an active component in the bug shield that’s odorless, invisible, and provides total repellency at all times. It actually repels ticks, ants, mosquitos, tsetse flies, flies, and midges. The drawstring hood ensures optimal protection from any insect bites. The bug shield retains its properties for 70 washes.

2.3. Columbia Sportswear Women’s Insect Blocker Knit Long Sleeve Shirt

For hot African days, this long sleeve shirt is a perfect choice. It’s lightweight, enabling you to move around as you please, engaging in trekking or climbing activities. And, most importantly, the insect blocker technology it was created with is long-lasting and highly efficient. With this shirt, you are protected from ticks, flies, mosquitos, ants, tsetse flies, and so on and so forth. In simpler words, by wearing this lightweight shirt, you can enjoy a range of outdoorsy activities, without having to worry about neither the heat nor the insects bugging you. Additionally, its built-in UPF 15 increases your protection from the outdoors elements.

2.4. Columbia Sportswear Women’s Bug Shield Cargo Straight Leg Pant

This cargo straight leg pant comes with an astounding protective package, blocking unwanted moisture from bothering you, and keeping bugs at a safe distance. It’s lightweight, so you needn’t worry about this part either. All in all, if you have the right pants on your safari trip, you’re actually ensuring a worry-free experience.

2.5. ExOfficio Women’s Bugsaway Damselfly Jacket

There’s nothing worse than being tormented by mosquitos and tsetse flies on your safari trip. Happily, with this excellent jacket, you can say goodbye to that annoyance. The material is perfect for keeping bugs at a distance; that means that you should no longer worry about putting on insect repellent – the jacket will protect you. Additionally, the mesh sleeves ensure you optimal comfort, especially when the air is humid, and that’s a typical scenario on the African continent. The fact that it’s lightweight comes as a bonus, making it a must for each woman eager to experience an African safari in all its form and glory.

2.6. ExOfficio BugsAway Kokua Legging – Women’s

These super light leggings are the perfect addition to your luggage. They are lightweight, ensuring your comfort while at the same time being sturdy and opaque. For colder mornings, you can wear them under a pair of pants, and as soon as the hot sun settles in, you may still wear them without feeling as if you’re melting. On top of that, they’re insect-repellant. All in all, these leggings are perfect for traveling around Africa, layering, and keeping you protected at all times.

3. Men – Safari wear

3.1. ExOfficio Men’s BugsAway Ziwa Convertible Long Length Pants

This pair of pants provides you with optimal sun protection, namely UPF 30+. Simultaneously, after washing, they dry off quickly, and the zip security pockets are ideal for keeping your belongings safe. The elastic waist enables you to move around without feeling restricted in any way, and you may zip them off and turn them into shorts. The insect shield component is odorless and fantastic for keeping bugs at a safe distance. You can rest assured while wearing these super pants; they repel even the most dangerous bugs, as well as those carrying malaria.

3.2. Columbia Men’s Insect Blocker Cargo Pant

These pants are lightweight, comfortable, and protective – all the features you might ask for a pair of pants on an African trip. They are equipped with insect repellant, UPF 30, and advanced evaporation technology that will keep you cool even when the weather outside is hot. The fabric and feel are perfect for the eager adventurer who is keen on engaging in safari activities.

3.3. Columbia Sportswear Men’s Insect Blocker Knit Long Sleeve Shirt

This long sleeve shirt is ideal for a broad range of African safari outdoorsy activities. Due to its insect blocker technology, this shirt is the perfect option for hot afternoons in the typical African environment, when you require optimal protection from the waves of insects that come in your way. Say goodbye to bugs and unbearable heat.

3.4. ExOfficio Men’s BugsAway Impervio Long-Sleeve Shirt

This long-sleeve shirt is crafted from a material that is lightweight, moisture wicking, which also dries quickly after washing. It will keep you comfortable, and cool, even in the hot African afternoon environment. The insect shield is facilitated by the addition of the compound known as permethrin, which is odorless, invisible, and deeply woven into the fabric so that its effectiveness is at a maximum. You benefit from increased insect protection throughout the life of the garment, which makes it a great buy. Plus, it repels even dangerous malaria-carrying insects.

3.5. ExOfficio Men’s Bugsaway Sandfly Jacket

We could refer to this awesome jacket as a packable bug protection. It’s lightweight, and insect repellant, the hood being highly helpful in keeping insects at a safe distance from your ears and face, which is primordial while on an African safari trip. Whether the area is dry or humid, the jacket works perfectly in each environment. It’s a great piece of clothing, particularly if you’re not eager to put a significant amount of insect repellant on your skin.

3.6. ExOfficio BugsAway Hiker Crew Socks

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right socks. These socks are perfect, they wick moisture and keep your feet cool and dry at all times, protecting them from insects as well. One thing to bear in mind, though, dry cleaning isn’t recommended.

4. What shouldn’t you wear on an African safari?

Now we’ll answer another typical question – what shouldn’t you wear on an African safari? A quick recapitulation:

  • You shouldn’t pack light-colored clothing, as it attracts bugs, and draws attention to you while on game drives, which is something you want to avoid.
  • Avoid purchasing camouflage clothing; an African safari doesn’t imminently equal camouflage, contrary to what many would assume.
  • Flannel shirts and jeans are not ideal for safaris, denim doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, and it takes forever to dry. As your packing space is rather limited, you should choose clothes that dry off quickly, and are light and airy – jeans are none of these.
  • Heels are out of the question – an African safari is all about comfort, so bring comfortable shoes as well.
  • Also, don’t bring sensitive pieces of clothing made out of silk or delicate fabrics – mohair and wool.
  • The typical American t-shirts with huge colorful logos aren’t really appropriate for safari outings.

5. Conclusions and Recommendations for your African Safari Packing List

And last, we’ll offer you a set of helpful suggestions. Packing for an African safari, especially if it’s your first time, is a challenge. As the amount of luggage you are allowed to bring is rather limited, the clothes you pack should be washable, and should dry fast. No matter how long your trip is, you needn’t pack an abundance of clothes, because you can use the laundry services available at the camp. Most camps offer you this alternative. Hence, consider this aspect.

Remember to pack your first-aid kit. When in Africa, the nearest village or town may be at hours distance. Hence, take a first-aid kit with you that is equipped with standard medicine such as aspirin, diarrhea medication, sunscreen, and so on. Your bag should be waterproof – the humid, dusty African environment is merciless for your bag. This is crucial, especially if you have camera equipment on you. Having a fleece with you can do more good than harm, so make sure you put it on your packing list. It takes minimum space, and it can be handy when the weather is unpredictable.

All in all, we hope that his guide on what to wear on a safari trip has been of help! Glad you are going on an African Safari, and good luck packing the right African safari clothing!

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